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Bases made from Poplar or Alder Wood, depending on availability, and stained in your choice of Ebony, Mahogany, Cherry or Oak.

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Blue-Cherry Sandscape Southwest Cherry Sandscape Turquoise Cherry Sandscape

Blue / Cherry

(temporarily out of stock)

Southwest / Cherry

(temporarily out of stock)


Turquoise / Cherry

(termporarily out of stock)


Blue-Cherry Sandscape 6x8 Southwest Ebony 8x10 Turquoise-Ebony Sandscape

Blue / Ebony

(temporarily out of stock)


Southwest / Ebony

(temporarilty out of stock)


Turquoise / Ebony

(temporarily out of stock)


6X8 Blue Mahogany Sandscape 8x10 Southwest Mahogany Sandscape 6X8 Turquoise Mahogany Sandscape

Blue / Mahogany

(temporarily out of stock)


(temporarily out of stock)


(temporarily out of stock)

8X10 Blue Oak Sandscape 8x10 Turquoise-Oak Sandscape

Blue / Oak

(temporarily out of stock)


Southwest / Oak

(temporarily out of stock)


Turquoise / Oak

(temporarily out of stock)


6 x 8 Deluxe SandScape

Wood Finish

8 x 10 Deluxe SandScape

Wood Finish
Each sandscape is custom made and unique. Color may vary slightly from picture. 

New Product Fruit Fly Trap (Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly) Lure Mixture not included.

Directions: Remove lid, add ¼ cup of your desired lure mixture and stir. Screw lid back on. Place trap where fruit flies are present and be amazed at the results. Maintenance: Change lure mixture monthly.


Suggested Lure Recipes:

1. Vinegar Lure: 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar (Best results)

2. Wine Lure: 1/4 cup of any fruity red wine + 1 tsp of sugar

3. Grape Lure: 1/4 cup sweetened grape juice + 1 tsp sugar + 1/8 tsp yeast



Fruit Fly Trap




Hand made in Lonoke, AR